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Eurasian otter

Back in Brittany’s waterways

Eurasian otters make their burrows in a hole or under a root near water. This is the catiche. They mark their territory by leaving scented droppings, called “épreintes”. Their streamlined body, short and waterproof hair make them excellent aquatic predators.

Throughout Europe, the otter had declined dramatically in the 19th and 20th century. In its natural environment, the otter is threatened by hunting for its fur, water pollution and conflicts with fishermen.
European otters are a near-threatened species according to the IUCN
NT Near threatened

Scientific Name

Lutra lutra



Geographic range

Wetlands in Europe and Asia


50-82 cm long


5 -14 kg

Fun Fact

n Breton, otter is called “ki-dour”, water dog!


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